STEPHEN WHITELEY – Managing Director & Business Development

  • Posted by Stephen Whiteley
  • On 18/10/2016

Raised in Catalonia, educated in Spain and the UK, Stephen is fully trilingual in Spanish, English and Catalan, speaks fluent French and Italian, and has more than a passing knowledge of Hungarian and Japanese. He was an honours graduate of Cambridge University (UK) in Modern Languages and Economics in 1996, after completing a double Part One in French and Italian.

He then worked as a teacher and lecturer in Tokyo, before returning to Europe to cut his teeth in the world of consultancy and knowledge management. He worked as a process re-engineering advisor in the insurance industry, and was a strategy consultant for multinational pharmaceutical firms including Glaxo and Astrazenaca.

Stephen went on to specialise in knowledge management, working as a consultant to the consulting firm CAP Gemini Ernst & Young in Barcelona. He was an Assistant General Manager in the automotive spare parts industry and, briefly, the General Manager of Sirius Comunicación S.L, a media company focussed on R+D.

He has translated various books, including a series from the Harvard Medical School and Antonio Buero Vallejo’s seminal Historia de una escalera.

In 2009 Stephen completed a PDD (Management Development Program) at Barcelona’s IESE business school, widely recognized as one of Europe’s top international business schools.

Stephen has over 10 years’ business experience in consulting, translation, business processes and knowledge management in multinational companies. His experience and interests put him in a perfect position to pioneer a process-orientated, knowledge-based approach to linguistic issues.