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Mission Statement: Rasche und flexible Bereitstellung hochqualitativer Lösungen für den Übersetzungs- und Dokumentationsbedarf multinationaler Unternehmen.

Wir bieten umfassendes Übersetzungsmanagement. Die Übersetzung in alle Sprachen und das Desktop-Publishing aus einer Hand sorgen dafür, dass Ihre Message den Kunden rascher erreicht.

Globale Reichweite dank Standorten in Barcelona und Miami. Wir arbeiten mit praktisch allen Sprachkombinationen und Formaten.

Rasche Umsetzung großer Projekte dank modernster Ausrüstung und unseres qualifizierten Team von Fachübersetzern.

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Just 2 small corrections on pages 22 and 86. Perfect work! Congrats!

Gerente de Vendas Brasil – Engineering multinational,

I cannot recommend a better translation service than QuickSilver's, not only for their high-quality, cost-effective and fast translations but also for the high levels of customer service and responsiveness they have given every assignment.

Bill Makley, Internal Communications – ADT WORLDWIDE,

Translation used to be a real problem for us, as we have dozens of technical datasheets which we publish and maintain in more than 12 European and Asian languages. Quicksilver helps us with the whole process: creation, linguistic consulting, translation, reviewing, desktop publishing... They´re efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Peter W. Thomas, Vice President, Research and Development, EMEA & Asia/Pacific – TYCO FIRE & BUILDING PRODUCTS,

Quicksilver has provided us with fast and professional service for a wide range of translation projects. And the fact that they offer an integrated service of translation and publication layout is a great advantage. It has been fantastic to work with them.

Larisa Tatge, Assistant Director, Dept. of Publications – IESE BUSINESS SCHOOL,

The CEO (a fluent German speaker) has just commented on the speed and quality of the translation. You've made me look good.

Nick Russell, International Communication – GRUPO FERRER,

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